Maison IRFE

The Coronation of IRFÉ: A Tale of Resurgence and Elegance

French Vogue magazine frontpage September 2010

In 1924, the illustrious Prince and Princess Youssoupoff unveiled IRFÉ in Paris, marking a new chapter in fashion. Fast forward to 2008, Olga Sorokina breathes life into the dormant legacy, elevating it to new heights of nobility.

Olga: A Reign of Modernity

olga sorokina designer in french vogue September 2010

Olga Sorokina‘s encounter with the heritage of IRFÉ is a narrative of passion and revival. In 2007, the radiant Parisian of Russian descent, Sorokina, forges a bond with Xenia Cheremetieff-Sfyri, the progeny of IRFÉ’s founders. Captivated by their prestigious legacy, she resolves to rejuvenate the brand. Sorokina, an artist at heart with a rich fashion background, crafts luxurious prêt-à-porter collections that marry glamour with impeccable quality. Produced in France and Italy, these collections—true jewels of the crown—retain the iconic original logo and appeal to modern women with their blend of active elegance, sensuality, and a playful interplay of materials and light. This modern interpretation honors the energetic chic that defined IRFÉ’s success in the 1920s.

From Tsars to Stars

advertisement of one of the original IRFE's perfumes 1920s

Advertisement of one of the original IRFE’s perfumes 1920s

IRFE's original seal from France Chamber of commerce 1920s

Paris, 1924: The unveiling of IRFÉ at a grand ball hosted at the Ritz by its founders, Prince and Princess Felix and Irina Youssoupoff, was a spectacle of taste and avant-garde elegance. The princess herself, embodying the brand’s extraordinary spirit, was its star model. Their entry into the fashion world was marked by a fusion of art and sophistication, quickly drawing the jet set to IRFÉ’s salons. Influenced by their friend Coco Chanel, the Youssoupoffs also ventured into perfumery, adding to their legendary success not just through their creations but their storied past. The prince’s heritage as a scion of Russia’s wealthiest family and a patriot, and Irina’s direct ties to the Romanov dynasty, lent an aura of intrigue and allure to the brand. Despite their creative genius, the duo faced financial challenges, leading to IRFÉ’s temporary closure. However, the 2000s heralded a revival, bringing IRFÉ back into the limelight of modern style, celebrated once again in the pages of Vogue.